Special thanks

When my father passed away and I went through the details of his life, I realized that his time spent parachuting in the 1960’s and 1970’s was quite early for the history of the sport in the US. As I learned more, I came across a uniquely specific site: projectpi.skydiveworld.com

I reached out to the author, and did not hear anything. I tried conventional means to find the author, and failed. My worry is that his work, and the history it maintains will be lost.

So I will record it here, in case the other site is no longer being maintained. I wanted to give a special thanks however, because the work inspired me so much that I wanted to honor my dad and do what I can to carry on learning as much as I can about this period of time and the people that made it special.

In addition, I’ve encountered many cool people, some great photographers and story-tellers.

So thank you:

  • Thom Lyons, B-4836 (USA) C-16 (RVN) D-1903 (AUS) POPS-2621
    • First jump, 3 AUG 1963, Lakewood, NJ
  • Vincent Marchese